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Info About The Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS ( NDS or DS for short )

is a handheld console developed and produced by the 300mb movies Japanese game console manufacturer Nintendo , which has two LC displays (LCDs), a built-in microphone and a number of other technical innovations that simplified one compared to previous consoles Game controls should allow. The Nintendo DS played a crucial role in the breakthrough of the touchscreen and established it in the mass market.

The lower screen, a touch-sensitive touchscreen, as well as the microphone or a connectable headset made it possible for the first time to control mobile video games by touch or voice input. Other special features are the virtual surround sound and the compatibility with Game Boy Advance games (only with Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite).


A chat program called “PictoChat” is also pre-installed. With this it is possible to chat in four chat rooms with 16 participants eachand send drawings. With the owners of other Nintendo DS consoles, you can play multiplayer games wirelessly. According to the manufacturer, the transmission range in free space is 10 m.

This ability can also be used to connect to a game ( Pokémon Battle Revolution ) on the Wii game console . The Nintendo DS also enabled online gaming over long distances via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Internet service . You could connect via WLAN either via the home network or via a hotspot .

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The Nintendo DS has sold worldwide about 154.9 million times, making it to the PlayStation 2 from Sony is the second best-selling game console in the world.

The abbreviation “DS” was originally a working title and meant “Dual Screen” due to the two LC screens . At E3 2004, Nintendo also called the console “Developers’ System” because it should be easy to program and offered many new opportunities for developers. [4]

Since the device caused discussions among video gamers even before its market launch , the name quickly became known, so Nintendo decided to keep it and not change it as originally planned. In the beginning, however, “Nitro” served as the internal code name. For this reason, the product numbers start with NTR and not NDS.

Nintendo first introduced the new system to the public at the E3 video game fair in Los Angeles in May 2004. A little later, the company announced the final design of the device and its equipment.

The Nintendo DS was launched on November 21, 2004 in the United States . It was the first time that a Nintendo product went on sale outside of Japan. In Japan, the device was only launched on December 2, 2004. It  300mb movies was released on February 25, 2005 in Australia and on March 11, 2005 in Europe.

Nintendo DS was sold approximately 24 million times in Europe by September 2008; By then, a total of over 80 million units had been sold worldwide. In Japan, console sales in 2005 significantly exceeded those of PlayStation 2 and PSP .

In 2006, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite sold together, despite strong supply shortages in Japan, more often than 300mb movies all other consoles available together. It was not until the end of the Japanese summer vacation in August 2007 that the handheld’s delivery problems relaxed significantly. Around 70,000 units were sold weekly in September, which is a significant decrease compared to the previous months.

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At the beginning of 2008, the NDS temporarily reached market saturation in Japan, sales declined to around 50,000 units per week, which is partly due to the large installed hardware base of the device (over 22 million units in Japan [5] ) and partly due to a lack Price reduction of the device, which has been on the market since 2004 at the same price.

In July and August 2005, over 5000 US cinemas ran an advertisement for Nintendo Online Gaming, which started in the fall of the same year. The motto was: “For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction” (German for “Every action has an opposite and same reaction”).

In late August 2010, Nintendo USA announced that the price of the Nintendo DSi would be reduced to $ 149.99 from September 12, 2010. At the same time, the price of the Nintendo DSi XL drops to $ 169.99. [6]


Relationship with the Game Boy series

Slot comparison: the compatible GBA slots of a GBA (top) and a DS (bottom)
According to Nintendo, the DS is not the successor to the Game Boy Advance . Rather, it is a new game handheld, which should allow more interactivity and will be marketed in parallel to the already available Nintendo consoles ( GameCube or Wii and Game Boy Advance). As another device in the Gameboy series, the Game Boy Micro was introduced at E3 2005 a year after the Nintendo DS was released . However, this is just a redesign of the Game Boy Advance.

The number of releases for the Game Boy Advance has decreased steadily since the DS was released. The company management Nintendos itself raised concerns that a separate release of a newer Game Boy would mean too much in-house competition. The Game Boy product line was discontinued when the successor to the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo 3DS , appeared.

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Despite the fact that the device is part of a separate series, the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite (not the Nintendo DSi) have another slot for DSA games in addition to the slot for DS games, so they can also be played, but due to the lack of them Possibility to connect a link cable, only in single player mode. The Game Boy and Game Boy Color modules cannot be played on the DS. You can specify whether the upper or lower screen is used for the display in GBA mode. Certain DS games can also contact GBA games via the GBA slot. B. Pokémon from the GBA games of the series can be transferred to the DS Pokémon games. Even before the successor to the Nintendo DS, which is the Nintendo 3DSis that was slot for Game Boy Advance games already at the Nintendo DSi away, so it is not possible on a Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL to play, as well as all devices of the Nintendo 3DS series of games Game Boy Advance.

Alternatively, the slot can be used for expansion modules, see accessories .

While a Game Boy Advance can be connected to a GameCube by cable, you can establish a wireless connection between a DS and a Wii. With a GBA-Gamecube connection, the GBA can act as the controller of the GameCube, but the DS, on the other hand, cannot assume this role for a Wii. With both types of connection there are some games that particularly support them. Only with the DS-Wii connection is it possible to transfer demos via it to the handheld console.

Nintendo DS Lite with associated stylus
Like the Game Boy Advance, the Nintendo DS has two shoulder buttons (R and L), a directional pad, start and select buttons and the A and B buttons, as well as the X and Y buttons. In some games, the A, Use B, X and Y as a second directional pad or place these keys on the left directional pad instead.

Most games designed for the Nintendo DS, however, use the touch-sensitive screen. It is operated either with a special stylus – the so-called stylus or touch pen – or with a wrist strap, which is mainly used in first-person shootersis used. The Nintendo DS Lite offers a larger and thicker stylus that fits better in the hand and enables more precise navigation. The touchscreen is highly sensitive to touch. It is therefore relatively easy to enter text using the keyboard shown on the screen.

This is advantageous, for example, in Pictochat or when browsing the Internet. Depending on the program, texts can also be written and pictures drawn directly using the stylus. The Nintendo DS is reminiscent of a handheld PC, but it offers significantly less performance.

Some games also use the built-in microphone to take commands. For example, candles are blown out or dogs are actually called.

Online skills

Labeling of Wi-Fi enabled games
With full WiFi compatibility, the Nintendo DS allows you to play against people all over the world over the Internet . All online-enabled games already use these skills for their multiplayer mode. The Nintendo DS is 802.11b compatible; the games use a proprietary protocol based on them . In order to conserve the battery and thus improve the runtime, not all (according to 802.11b) 11 MBit are used , but only about 1–2 MBit.

Nintendo, in collaboration with GameSpy, offered a free online service that made it possible to play online. The ” Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ” service was launched on November 25, 2005 with the release of Mario Kart DS and operated until May 20, 2014.

Access was via a standard wireless access point or a special Nintendo USB plug-in module. The cooperation with Deutsche Telekom for the free use of public HotSpots (in Germany) ended on June 30, 2011.

A major disadvantage of the older versions is that only the extremely insecure WEP encryption is supported, to which you have to switch your radio network. Nintendo DSi and DSi XL also support WPA encrypted radio networks.

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