5 of The Best Instagram Marketing Strategies To Help You

Best Instagram Marketing Strategies in 2020.

The user base of Instagram has surpassed millions and has entered the podium of billions. If the daily stats are concerned, Instagram stories collectively make 500 million views and with these huge consumers and users, businesses are trying to increase the sales funnel as online shopping is on the rise. In terms of advertisement, there are two million advertisers and 25 million business profiles. The competition is pretty tight and with each passing, business profiles need to crank up the marketing game.

In this article, we have shaped up the top five marketing strategies which will help in gaining an increased number of consumers as well the follower base. So, let’s move to the marketing strategies because they are all you need to increase your brand visibility.

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Branded Hashtags Are Bearing Up

Hashtags are the critical aspect of bringing together the post with similar hashtags in one place. As a business, you should make sure you have a branded hashtag that is classified into your business and identity. Hashtags are a great way to increase engagement and when the consumers are talking about your brand, ask them to use your brand’s hashtag as it increases  Instagram followers.

If you are running a paid ad campaign, always add the branded hashtags to ensure you are reaching the desired audience base. If you are familiar with the Instagram game of top brands, you would know about Nike’s #runfree campaign which helped them increase the follower. There are around 531.9k posts made under #runfree hashtag.

Make A Business Account 

When you are a business, always make a business account but clicking on the business profile option isn’t enough. Once you have made the account, you need to personalize and humanize it to make it according to your business niche and target audience. For instance, add the business’s official website to the bio and other personal information about the brand such as vision or mission.

When it comes to the profile picture, it is better to use the business logo because it makes you look authentic and lethal. On the other hand, many businesses make the mistake of changing the profile name which shouldn’t be done if you want to portray a professional and classic image. In addition to Instagram, use a similar logo profile on other social media handles, as well.

Work On The Content 

Instagram is all about engaging content and captivating visuals and if you want to ensure the success of your Instagram profile, you must always opt for the content that catches the attention of the follower base. Moreover, if you want to capture the attention of the target audience, you need to create content that provides value and makes them hit the follow button. Your content should reflect an image that you have answers to all their questions and everything in the store that they had been searching for.

The good content will optimize the relationships with them as well as they will be able to trust you, given your ability to put in efforts for content. In the longer run, the content will become a way to increase the sales funnel.


The influencer market is rising and influencer marketing has become an essential part of every marketing campaign. For instance, Huda Beauty sends her newly launched products to the influencers and beauty bloggers and the bloggers make reviews on the products. This helps Huda Beauty increase the number of sales by catching the attention of the influencer’s follower base.

However, while you are looking for the influencer, make sure they belong to your niche and that they are providing valuable content. This is because if you choose the low-level of influencers, it will be bad for your marketing and brand because people won’t be considering you as the lethal brand to invest in.

User-Generated Content

If you are out of the ideas to make content, you can ask your follower base that what kind of content they are interested in reading. This will give you ideas and when you upload the content from their suggestions, they will feel that you listen to them and their suggestions. This will increase the trust in your business-consumer relationship and will increase the sales funnel as well.

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