Best smartphone under 25000 ? and its Information.

best smartphone under 25000

Smartphone  :- AE , [ ˈsmɑːtˌfəʊ̯n ] BE ) (English, about “smart phone”) is called a cell phone (colloquially cell phone ) with extensive computer functionalities and connectivities . In the case of a more fluid transition, the term serves to differentiate from conventional (“pure”) mobile phones. The first smartphones combined  best smartphone under 25000 the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) and tablet computerwith the functionality of a mobile phone. Later the functions of a portable media player , a digital and video camera and a GPS navigation device were added to the compact device . Central features are touch screens for operation and computer-like operating systems . An Internet access is either via mobile broadband wireless service provider or WLAN possible.

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The first smartphones already existed in the late 1990s, but it was only with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 that they gained significant market share. The term smartphone comes from best smartphone under 25000  the company Ericsson, which called their model R380 with Symbian software, touchscreen, internet browser and calendar functions around the turn of the millennium. [1] Today, most mobile phones sold are smartphones. Due to the permanent Internet access, this triggered a change in Internet usage behavior, especially in social networks such as Facebook or Twitter . best smartphone under 25000 Online encyclopedias like Wikipediaalso benefit from permanent availability, since articles can also be edited on the go and photos can be uploaded much easier. The most widespread smartphone operating system is the Android used by almost all manufacturers (market share according to quantity Q2 2015 about 83%), followed at some distance by the Apple iOS only used on Apple devices (market share according to quantity Q2 2015 about 14%).

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Smartphones can be distinguished from classic mobile phones, PDAs and electronic organizers by the following features :

In terms of design and operation, smartphones are not only optimized for making calls, but are also intended to enable the operation of a wide range of applications in a small space. Typical features are therefore  best smartphone under 25000 relatively large and high-resolution screens, alphanumeric keyboards and / or touchscreens compared to older mobile phones .
Smartphones usually have an operating system with an exposed API (see section Operating systems ). It allows the user to install third party programs. In contrast, mobile best smartphone under 25000 phones usually have a predefined program interface that is limited, e.g. B. can be expanded by Java applications .
Smartphones often have different sensors that are less common in classic cell phones. These include in particular motion, photo (RGB and black and white), position, magnetic field,best smartphone under 25000 light and proximity sensors as well as GPS receivers. [3]
With these features, smartphones offer the basics for mobile office and data communication in a single device. The user can enter data (such as addresses, texts and appointments) using best smartphone under 25000 the keyboard or a pen and install additional software himself. Most devices have one or more digital cameras for capturing still and moving images and for video telephony .

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The z. B. connection types used for synchronization, such as WLAN , Bluetooth , infrared or the USB cable connection, are supplemented by connection protocols previously used in mobile telephony, such as GSM , UMTS (and HSDPA ), GPRS and HSCSD .

For example, it is possible to use SMS , MMS , e-mails as well as, in the case of modern devices, video conferencing via UMTS or Internet telephony (VoIP) with WLAN via Internet access points in addition to mobile telephony . Theoretically – and in some cases also in practical use – in addition to audio and video streaming from the Internet (e.g. via WLAN), television programs can also be received via DVB-H and, with the appropriate hardware, also DVB-T . [4]

Another example is the built-in or optional Java support (based on CLDC or MIDP ) – mobile phones are one of the most popular applications of embedded Java .

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Smartphones are also increasingly being used for remote control of digital devices, such as cameras , action camcorders , AV receivers , television sets or quadcopters .

History of smartphone

The Simon Personal Communicator from IBM from 1994
The first smartphone is the Simon developed by BellSouth and IBM and distributed from mid-1994 to early 1995 in a part of the USA as “Personal Communicator” . The pioneer of smartphone systems was the PEN / GEOS 3.0 from the manufacturer GeoWorks , which was used in the Nokia Communicator series introduced in 1996 . When Nokia switched to a different processor for the Communicator series 92×0, 9300, 9300i and 9500, the company formed an alliance with Psion and its EPOC system to create the Symbian platformto develop. Symbian was the most used smartphone operating system for a long time and had a market share of around 73% in 2006. [6] The main rivals were Windows Mobile , BlackBerry OS and Palm OS .

The introduction of the iPhone with its multi-touch user interface in 2007 marked a turning point in the smartphone market. New operating systems such as Android , Palm webOS and Windows Phone 7 could be operated mainly or exclusively via touch screens. As a result, Symbian quickly lost its importance and was roughly on par with the iPhone in autumn 2011. Between 2008 and 2011, all major manufacturers of Symbian devices announced that they would switch to other systems in the future. [7] [8] [9] The most frequently installed mobile operating system on smartphones has been Android from Google since autumn 2011with over 60% market share, [10] which is due to the significantly lower average selling price of mobile phones with Android. [11] Also, with a significant market share after iOS from Apple to mention. Finnish manufacturer Nokia , which has been a leading manufacturer of mobile phones for many years (1998 to 2011), has offered smartphones almost exclusively with the Microsoft operating system Windows Phone since 2012 , but sold its mobile phone division to Microsoft in 2014.

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Since 2009, the increasing importance of smartphones has led to numerous legal disputes over patents and design rights, in which all major smartphone manufacturers are involved. [12] Introduced in 2013, the Galaxy S4 is the world’s first TCO- certified smartphone. [13] At the end of 2013, the Fairphone, the first smartphone on the market, in which fair trade and environmental aspects were to play a greater role. [14]

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The worldwide sales of smartphones has been declining since the fourth quarter of 2017th [15] In the full year (2017), a total of 1.472 billion smartphones were delivered worldwide, which corresponds to a decrease of less than 1% compared to the 1.473 billion units in 2016. [16] The highest market shares in the smartphone market currently (as of 2018) are Samsung , Huawei and Apple . [15]


Central for those intended by the user ( mobile phone , web browser , e-mail , SMS , MMS as well as IP telephony (VoIP) , instant messaging (IM) and chat , sometimes also fax , video telephony and conference calls ), but also not intended ( Wiretapping , espionage ) communication
Personal Information Manager (PIM) with address book, diary , task list, notepad, birthday list etc. with comparison with a desktop application or via the Internet ( Microsoft (Hosted) Exchange , Blackberry service)
voice recorder

Storage and sending of all types of data, including in real time
Media functions with media player , radio , image viewer , photo and video camera

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