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E-business (according to Duden),

eBusiness (in international texts), is the integrated execution of all automatable business processes of a company with the help of information and communication technology [1] (IuK). The term eBusiness is freely usable with the exception of protected compositions.

The term eBusiness has developed into a generic term that is used in a large number of brands. [2] It is interpreted to different extents and is often misused.

IBM had popularized the term in the 1990s through advertising campaigns that dealt with computer-aided procedures for the automation of commercial processes and used the notation “eBusiness” there. On October 7, 1997, the US IT and consulting firm published an eight-page article in the Wall Street Journal . It should eBusiness serve as a key concept of how business systems, would fundamentally change the Internet in the future. [3] IBM defines the term as “strategic redesign business processes and addressing the challenges of a new market, which is increasingly by globalization characterizes andKnowledge is based. ” [4] The strategic business processes include the entire value chain and the relationships of a company with its partners. [5] This term definition of e-business leaves open a concretization of the “redesign” and also with which means e-business is to be realized, whereby the term itself suggests implementation through electronic data processing .

Thome also defines eBusiness as “integrated implementation of all digitizable components of economic processes”. [6] This definition substantiates the redesign required by IBM by integrating the economic  business development executive processes. Thome therefore means the media-free, computer-assisted and automated processing of information in economic processes. [7]

However, the term “economic process” includes economic processes which, according to Thome, are not considered as an object if they define that they mean all efforts in which economic agents cede goods in return. [6]

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Because of the two essential meanings of the English noun ” business “, two meanings for the term “eBusiness” can be derived.

Electronic commerce

On the one hand, eBusiness refers to the area of trade, i.e. the process of buying and selling goods. [8] In this sense, the term is to be translated as electronic commerce . “Economic processes” refers to market – transactions . This is also the meaning of the definition presented by Thome. [7]

Electronic Company
With eBusiness but also the business in terms of business is meant [8] so that a translation can also be “Electronic Business” or “electronic business”. “Economic processes” then refers to the entirety of the business processes, which also include the preceding and subsequent market transactions. This definition follows the idea of eBusiness presented by IBM . [5]

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The statement used by Thome regarding “digitizable components” is also imprecise, since it only refers to the structural level of integration in automation and excludes the automation of behavioral level. The term “digitizable” should be replaced by “automatable” in relation to ICT techniques, since the structural and behavioral levels are thus included. In addition, the term “automatable” would make it clear that the restrictions of economy and technical feasibility must be met in order to be able to map a business process through eBusiness .


This definition shows that  business development executive eBusiness affects transaction costs through the integration of business processes on the one hand, and throughput times and transmission costs through automation on the other. However, since integration first takes place on the organizational side and can then be automated with the help of ICT techniques, as far as technically feasible, a successful implementation of eBusiness is tied to organizational adjustments such as process, task and data integration . Accordingly, eBusiness can generate the potential for success, but it can only be accessed by restructuring organizational processes. [7]

The implementation of the e-business concept
Numerous tools are used to carry out all of a company’s automated business processes.

Special Procedures
Electronic collaboration


Electronic collaboration or e-collaboration stands for measures for decentralized, computer-based collaboration between teams and groups that are separated in time or space. Tools such as email , calendar and, at the latest level, enterprise wikis and blogs have become established in several stages business development executive . These tools (e-collaboration tools) are often used by teams that do not work at the same time or place, but on a common task or project.

Minimization of working with paper documents

digital inbox : The entire incoming mail is scanned and sent in digital form (usually via PDF ) to the respective employees and departments.
digital outbox : mail that has to be sent in paper form is printed and sent from a central location.
Optimize customer care
(External) call centers are used for customer care so that the requests are already available as an electronic memo.
Defined customer inquiries are answered automatically.

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