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Top Gear (spelling: TopGear )

car top view  magazine that is broadcast by the British television broadcaster BBC Two . It is considered the BBC’s most successful broadcast

22 seasons  car top view have been running since the format was redesigned in 2002. [6] The show won the 2005 International Emmy for best entertainment show. Top Gear has up to 350 million viewers worldwide, five million of them in the UK. [7] Top Gear was 2015 by Jeremy Clarkson , Richard Hammond and James May moderated. Another permanent team member is the test driver The Stig . Season 8 also featured the Top Gear Dog , a Labradoodle , and season 11 became the Top Gear Stuntman introduced, which has only had two appearances so far.

At the end of September 2006, the broadcast was suspended for four months because presenter Richard Hammond was seriously injured in an accident with a dragster while filming the show . The BBC announced at the time that Top Gear would cease production indefinitely; a decision on the future of the program will wait until Richard Hammond’s recovery. After his recovery, the program continued to be produced, although Hammond himself spoke in retrospect of the fact that the production was restarted too early for him.

The Top Gear magazine is from BBC Magazines published. It appears monthly and partly coincides with the content of the television program.

Occasionally the vehicles of the shipment drive, e.g. B. in season 15, on German motorways, which promotes their awareness – in connection with the absence of a general speed limit for motor vehicles in Germany – among the international audience. [8th]

On March 25, 2015, it was announced that the BBC would not renew the contract with Jeremy Clarkson due to a dispute with a producer. The moderators Hammond and May and the executive producer Andy Wilman let their contracts with the BBC expire. [9] Top Gear was the 23rd season in May 2016 in a new format with a new moderator team with Chris Evans continued as the main presenter.

Top Gear 1977 to 2001
The Top Gear format was created in 1977. The first moderators were Angela Rippon, Noel Edmonds, William Woollard and Chris Goffey. The show was 30 minutes long at the time.

Top Gear was originally a conventional car magazine. It introduced new car models and related topics such as driving safety. A massive audience increase reached the mission in the early 1990s, went over as producers to them humorous, controversial and with more petrol head talk (dt. Discussions under car fools to make). The moderators of this new format were front man Jeremy Clarkson together with Quentin Willson, a former car salesman, and the two racing drivers Tiff Needell and Vicki Butler-Henderson .

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Despite the criticism that the program is too macho, leads to an irresponsible driving style and ignores the environment and environmental protection, it was successful under Clarkson. Host Jeremy Clarkson successfully serves the image of British humor ; Germany and its history in particular are often part of pictorial comparisons. But other nations (e.g. France, USA) are often joking. Top Gear sometimes had a certain impact on the auto industry. Criticism from the Top Gear team could and can have a negative impact on sales. An example of this was the British counterpart to the Opel Vectra , the Vauxhall VectraB. Clarkson said of this model: “I know it’s the replacement for the Vauxhall Cavalier (already known here as Vectra A) . I know. But I’m telling you it’s just a box on wheels. ” Even more critical comments on the Toyota Corolla or praising the sky of the Renault Alpine GTA / A610 had no effect.

Top Gear has been organizing a Top 100 Survey since 1980 . This is a statistical survey that thousands of British car owners use to determine their satisfaction with their vehicles. Since the BBC does not allow product placement , the results are only presented in excerpts from the television broadcast and are only published in detail in Top Gear Magazine .

After Jeremy Clarkson left in 1999, viewership dropped from six million to less than three million, leading to the show being discontinued in 2001. Tiff Needell and Vicki Butler-Henderson started the car magazine Fifth Gear at Five in 2002 .

Top Gear 2002 to 2015

In 2002 Jeremy Clarkson, along with producer Andy Wilman , began presenting the BBC with a new top gear format. This new format brought some fundamental changes. The show was now a full hour and two new co-hosts were introduced: Richard Hammond and Jason Dawe . Dawe was replaced by James May after the first season. In addition, the team received a test driver who was always anonymous and made unrecognizable by his helmet with a tinted visor and black, later white neutral racing overalls: The Stig . The theme music is a modernized version of the instrumental track “Jessica” by the Allman Brothersfrom 1973. According to an interview with the American TV magazine 60 Minutes , Top Gear now has around 350 million viewers.

Richard Hammond crash
In September 2006, Richard Hammond had a serious accident with a jet dragster while filming the ninth season. At about 460 km / h a tire burst, the car came off the track and overturned. Hammond was admitted to the intensive care unit with serious head injuries. He recovered from the accident and was again co-moderator in the ninth season, which aired from January to March 2007. [10]

Separation of Clarkson
but the remaining three episodes of season 22 would still be broadcast. It remained unclear whether James May and Richard Hammond would continue the program. With James May’s statement that he would now sell his Ferrari on eBay , he further stimulated discussion of the rumors on the subject. .

Recurring elements
New components are the star guest  car top view of the show invited to an interview with Clarkson, who has to do a timed lap on the in-house circuit in a reasonably priced car – in an inexpensive car of the compact class . Clarkson asks the audience if they want to watch the round ( “Who would like to see the lap?” ): First, a Suzuki Liana was used;  car top view from the eighth season you used oneChevrolet Lacetti , who was “buried with dignity” in 2006 when two 65-meter-high chimneys were blown up; from season 15 to season 19, a Kia cee’d was seen in action. Since the start of season 20, a Vauxhall Astra Techline has been in use since June 2013 , which was built at the Vauxhall plant in Ellesmere Port, England. If the guest is a (former) Formula 1 driver, the Suzuki will continue to be used.

The guests invited for an entertaining conversation are often well-known personalities on the British Isles. World-famous stars were also guests, such as Rowan Atkinson , Tom Cruise , Roger Daltrey , Cameron Diaz , Geri Halliwell , Brian Johnson , Tom Jones , Rick Parfitt , Cliff Richard , Lionel Richie , Christian Slater , David Soul , Patrick Stewart or Mark Wahlberg . German stars like Boris Becker ,Michael Schumacher , Michael Fassbender and Sebastian Vettel were guests at Top Gear.

The Cool Wall follows the same “magnetic board principle” (which vehicles are “cool” or even “sub-zero” – ie below zero degrees “cool” – which are “uncool” or even “seriously uncool”?) Car News , Power laps (sports cars driven by The Stig ) and even a Formula 1 board, on which well-known Formula 1 drivers such as Rubens Barrichello , Lewis Hamilton , Damon Hill , Nigel Mansell , Kimi Raikkonen , Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber enlisted. Conversely, Hammond himself drove a Formula 1 car, a Renault F1 .

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What the program also delineates car magazines TV from the usual, is that regularly Supercars and cars of luxury class are presented in detail. In some cases, entire programs were dedicated to one brand by comparing historical vehicles with the current models. For example, various vehicles from Lamborghini (from the Miura to the Diablo , the Countach to the Gallardo and Murciélago ) or the Ferrari F40 and the Ferrari Enzo or the Ford GT40 and the Ford GT were included in one shipmentpresented in detail and with the usual “tough” comments. However, everyday cars are also presented, one does not limit oneself to effect- demanding  car top view vehicles that are unaffordable for normal Otto consumers: For example, a Fiat Panda was presented in detail and received a very positive assessment.

The timeliness is established by another integral part of the program: the “News”, in which upcoming releases of new cars are regularly shown on a screen and also evaluated directly in sometimes violent discussions by the three commentators.

Furthermore, special promotions, “Challenges” and “Epic Races” are an integral part of the program, such as various races of the moderators against each other first across Europe and then also globally: car against train ( Nissan GT-R against Shinkansen through Japan), Car against airliner, car against ship, car against speedboat ( Ferrari 365 along the Riviera from Portofino to Saint-Tropez) or car top view  car against private plane ( Bugatti Veyron 16.4 against Cessna 182 from northern Italyto London) usually the car wins narrowly. James May won the race on the Riviera against Richard Hammond – Jeremy Clarkson was not involved. Clarkson lost the challenge against a marathon runner through London: he was unable to beat a marathon runner in a Fiat Panda (2 hours 33 minutes) in the morning in rush hour traffic in London.

car top view

Furthermore surprising comparative tests or experiments have been integrated into the program, such as “How far does a Volvo 240 station wagon via a ramp of some caravan ?” Or “Is a Harrier jumpjet faster than the usual track as a TVR T350 onthe track? ”A highlight was the various attempts to virtually destroy a Toyota Hilux pickup: it was hit against a tree, a caravan was dropped on it, it was exposed to the flood before Bristol, it was set on fire and finally on a high-rise building asked which was blown up. Nevertheless, he was still driving (and was only made roadworthy with the standard on-board tools), which earned him an exposed position in the studio (the hangar) in the following programs.

The three moderators tease each other again and again, for example, because Hammond is teased because of his small body size ( hamster ) or May is nicknamed Captain Slow because he shows a very careful, always law-abiding driving style, a preference for small, underpowered cars has and tends to make extensive, deliberately boring explanations that tend to get lost in technical details.

The show ends regularly with a rather unspectacular contribution and Jeremy Clarkson’s ironic moderation:

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