Dana Schweiger – luna schmuck ?

Dana Schweiger reveals: This is how she and Til Schweiger celebrate Christmas

Til and Dana Schweiger have not been a couple for 14 years. Nevertheless, they celebrate Christmas together with their four children. The 51-year-old has now revealed how things are going there and gave unusual insights – above all ironic.

If you have ever wondered whether the Schweigers go to church on Christmas Eve, this question can now be answered: no. This has Til Schweiger’s ex-wife Dana now be explained in a commentary for the “world”. And she also gives the reason for it: “We have Til, our God, at home.”

The former model gave an extremely comedic and ironic insight into the Schweiger Christmas – she calls it a “systematic in 24 steps”.

Dana Schweiger: Til always sang “loudly wrong with”
So at the beginning she says that Wham’s “Last Christmas” is her absolute favorite song and that she and Til always sang it loudly when they were married.

When the family celebrates the festival in Malibu, California, everyone is always in the house on Christmas Eve – except Til, who as always missed the flight. “Then he comes two hours late. Ask why we eat so late? Put three ‘Barefoot Living’ shopping bags in my hand and explain: ‘My presents for you. You just have to pack them up quickly.'”

Til is not very creative when it comes to gifts: every family member receives a different colored cashmere sweater from Til’s own label – every year.

luna schmuck

The Schweigers celebrate in 2019 in Hamburg. The sleeping place for his ex-wife Dana is apparently not spectacular there, as she describes in the ” world “: “the broom closet, hardly bigger than a bed”. On the bedside table, she not infrequently finds chocolate that is still lying around from Easter, “next to hair clips or plastic jewelry that some female guest had forgotten there”.

So she would “marry him again”
But the 51-year-old still has a little enthusiasm for her ex-husband.
Dana Schweiger also thinks it’s great that he likes to do “women’s things”, washing dishes, for example.. I almost can’t look because you never know whether he’ll do more or break.”

Because of all these smaller and larger events, the ex-model is always well prepared for Christmas: she always makes sure that she has enough cigarettes in the house over the holidays (Til “smokes a chain, at the table, in the gym, practically everywhere”) , She also apparently doesn’t run out of beer and red wine.

Christmas highlight: Til Schweiger’s latest film
The absolute highlight of Christmas for Dana Schweiger is when she and her children get an exclusive look at Til’s latest film – squeezed together in a mini editing room.

Nevertheless, she looks forward to the festival like a child every year, “probably because I’m a hopelessly kitschy American”. Dana Schweiger has already advised her ex-husband to buy Xanax as a precaution for this year. This is a drug that is prescribed in the United States as an anxiety remover.

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