Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald John Trump / dɒnəld d͡ʒɒn trʌmp / (born June 14, 1946 in Queens , New York City , New York ) is an American entrepreneur , entertainer and since January 2017.

He is the owner of the Trump Organization conglomerate and led him from 1971 to 2017 as CEO . He made a billion dollar fortune in the real estate industry and made his name “Trump” a brand . Especially through his reality show The Apprentice (2004-2015), he became one of the most famous people in the United States.

Trump supported various political parties, but has been registered as a Republican (with a brief interruption) since 2009 . As their candidate , he won the presidential election on November 8, 2016 against Hillary Clinton and became the US President on January 20, 2017 – as the first without a previous political or military position and with the highest age when taking office .

His eclectic , changing political program contains elements of populism , protectionism and isolationism . With a simple language , provocative statements and radical proposals – such as immigration and Islam – Trump draws the media’s attention in a special way and becomes an information producer himself through the intensive use of Twitter .

On December 18, 2019, the U.S. House of Representatives initiated an impeachment lawsuit against Donald Trump over allegations of abuse of power and Congress disability.

Donald Trump is the fourth of five children of New York real estate entrepreneur Fred C. Trump (1905–1999) and Scottish fishing daughter Mary Anne MacLeod (1912–2000). [1] The parents of his father, born as Frederick Trump and Elisabeth Christ , articles of Kallstadt in the Pfalz (then part of the Kingdom of Bavaria ) immigrated. [2]

Trump’s uncle John G. Trump was an electrical engineer and was a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1936 to 1973 . There he was with Robert Jemison Van de Graaff one of the pioneers in the generation of electrical voltages and their use in cancer therapy , whereby he emerged with pioneering approaches to reducing side effects. During World War II, he was instrumental in equipping the US Army with the latest radars. [3]

Like Donald Trump’s mother, nine uncles and aunts came from poor backgrounds from the Hebridean island of Lewis and Harris . [4] He was named Donald after one of these Scottish uncles. [5]

Donald Trump made several false statements about the origins of his ancestors: In his book The Art of the Deal (1987), he stated that his grandfather came from Karlstad in Sweden , thus carrying on a story from his father from the Second World War . [6] At least four times since taking office as president, Trump incorrectly claimed that his father was born in Germany. [7] Only glossy legends circulated about the origin of his mother until a Scottish journalist uncovered the facts after Trump polemicized against refugees in 2016. [4]

childhood and education
When Donald Trump was born in June 1946, the housing sector in which his father Fred worked as an entrepreneur was in a serious crisis. Although there was an immense demand for housing after the return of more than 6 million soldiers from the Second World War, but because of the great need for building materials, these were hardly available at affordable prices for inexpensive housing projects, which Fred Trump had specialized in during the war , [8] After President Harry S. Truman used government funding from the Federal Housing Administration to boost housinghad significantly improved, Trump, who had previously benefited greatly from such support measures, started a major project with 1,344 rental apartments in Brooklyn in 1947 called Shore Haven , which was to be known by the local press as “Trump City”. [9] And in Queens, he built a far more modest and very thoughtful on thrift man, a prestigious residence with 23 rooms and nine bathrooms. There were also two Cadillacs with the number plates FT1 and FT2, for which he also hired a chauffeur . [10]

Donald Trump grew up conscious of being special and superior to others. His father encouraged him by saying that he was a “king” and that he had to become a “killer” in everything he did. Even in preschool age, Donald was notable for his aggressiveness towards other children. Like his siblings, he first attended Kew Forest School in Queens. There were strict rules at school as well as at home, but Donald could not be tamed and therefore often had to be detained. He performed well in school sports , especially in ball sports . His favorite sport was baseball, whose “Mecca” was New York with its three top clubs in the mid-1950s. Because of his massive physical effort, he was feared by opponents. To escape the orderly, quiet life in Queens, he went on secret trips to Manhattan with a friend on Saturdays , where, inspired by the musical Westside Story ,because of his origin. He arranged himself and found pleasure in getting awards for the cleanest room and shiny shoes. For the first time, he also developed an ambition for good academic performance. In baseball he became team captain, and so he probably made his first headline : Trump Wins Game for NYMA . In 1964 he left the academy with a high school diploma. [11]

Trump then studied economics , initially from 1964 to 1966 in New York at Fordham University and from 1966 at the Wharton School in Philadelphia After graduating in 1968 with a bachelor’s degreeAfter being postponed four times as a student with certified fitness, he was not called up for military service for medical reasons and a possible deployment in the Vietnam War . There is no further information in the files; According to Trump’s own statements in 2016, it was heel spurs.

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