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VW Golf refers to a car model series in the compact class from Volkswagen that has been produced since 1974. The eighth generation has been built since December 2019. By October 2019, a total of over 35 million Golfs had been built.

Vehicle concept
The VW Golf is a three- or five-door hatchback or estate saloon (two or four doors and a tailgate attached to the roof). The vehicle dimensions are well above a small car , but just as well below classic touring cars in the middle class . The car offers enough space for four adults with luggage, the interior can be redesigned as needed by folding down the rear seat and oxford golf resort. All VW Golfs have front-wheel drive or, in some cases, all-wheel drive and transverse, water-cooled four-stroke in- line engines, whereby a good use of space is achieved. With these characteristics, the Golf founded – alongside some less successful models from other manufacturers – a vehicle segment that was new at the time, the so-called compact class [2] or the so-called “Golf class” [3] .


For the model range was at that time largely of vehicles with outdated technology in the form of air cooling and stern drive engines , which proved to be uncomfortable for daily use. At the end of the 1960s, the demand for Volkswagen’s popular and best-selling vehicle model, the VW Beetle , fell noticeably, and derived, somewhat more modern models such as the VW 1500/1600 could no longer compensate for this development. [5]The EA 235 prototype developed in 1967 with a water-cooled front engine remained a one-off and had no effect on model policy. [6]

Therefore, in the early 1970s, an attractive model range with modernly designed vehicles with water-cooled front engines was developed within a short period of time , which was to replace the previous model range and lead the VW group out of its sales crisis. This was done with the help of vehicle technology from the VW subsidiary Auto Union (“Audi”), which had been acquired a few years earlier and for which such vehicles had been in the program for several years. The most important of these new models was the first Golf to succeed the VW Beetle. [7]

Originally, a vehicle with the typical VW rear-wheel drive was planned as the successor to the VW Beetle. So, under the direction of Ferdinand Piëch at Porsche, the EA 266 (EA means development contract) with a water-cooled mid – engine was built lengthways under the rear seat. Preparations for series production were stopped at the end of 1971 oxford golf resort after a change in management. The reasons were too high production costs and the unfavorable position of the engine under the rear seat, which would have made the vehicle prone to failure and not very easy to maintain. [8] Also, an alternative model with beetle-front engine and front wheel drive, the EA 276, was rejected by the Executive Committee. [9]

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Instead, under the new VW boss Rudolf Leiding, a development study called EA 337 was taken up and made ready for series production, which had started at the same time as the other designs. [4] The design of this car came from the Italian car designer Italdesign by Giorgetto Giugiaro and gave the characteristic hatchback body, the basic design concept for all other golf models before. [10] was named the Gulf after the horse of an employee. [11]

Apparently to the surprise of the group management, the Golf developed into a great sales success within a few months, [4] which continues to this day. Since the first model was released (2014), more than 30 million copies have been produced in a total of seven successive series. This makes the Golf one of the most built cars in the world. [12] It ranks third worldwide behind the Toyota Corolla and the Ford F-series . When the Golf number 21.517.415 rolled off the assembly line on June 25, 2002, the record of the VW Beetle, which had been the world’s best-selling car since February 1972, was broken. [13]

In Germany in particular, the Golf has practically been the vehicle with the highest number of new registrations almost continuously since the start of production, sometimes with over 400,000 vehicles per year. [14] oxford golf resort  It is also the best-selling car overall in the rest of Europe, although it does not top the registration statistics in all countries. [15] Within the VW group, the Golf 2012 had around 900,000 units annually, the third highest production figures, behind the Passat and the Jetta. [16]

In June 2013 the 30 millionth Golf was produced in Wolfsburg

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