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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (short often PUBG ) is a multiplayer

shooter , which the Blue Hole is developed -Studio PUBG Corporation and marketed. The game was released on March 23, 2017 as Steam – Early Access for Windows . On December 20, 2017, the early access phase of the PC version was ended and version 1.0 was released [1] . With the additional title Game Preview Edition , a pre-release for Xbox One was released on December 12, 2017. [2] On 19 March 2018 the mobile version was released worldwide called PUBG Mobile foriOS and Android . A console release for Xbox One was released on September 4, 2018 and for PlayStation 4 on December 7, 2018.

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Brendan Greene was offered by the South Korean developer studio Bluehole to implement his ideas as a game designer for a new game in the Battle Royal genre . He used the nickname “PlayerUnknown” in online games. This gave rise to the name “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”. The name is consistently capitalized for marketing, because according to Greene “it just looks better”. [5]

game content

There are several remote game worlds. These are mostly dystopian , fallow places.

The oldest map is the remote and expansive island of Erangel with Eastern European geography, which is based on brutalism and the Soviet Union in the 1950s . Russian graffiti and brandmarks can be found on houses or on objects. The world covers an area of approximately 64 square kilometers . [6] With version 4.0, the map was revised in mid-2019. The old map can still be played as “Erangel Classic” in custom matches.

At the end of 2017, another card called Miramar was added to PUBG . The flora (especially Joshua Trees ) corresponds to the US-Mexican deserts, place names, graffiti and brandmarks are Spanish. Calendar pages on walls refer to the year 1963.

pubg trigger

The third Sanhok map was added in June 2018 , vegetation and place names give a Southeast Asian flair and pubg trigger .

The Vikendi snow-covered map was installed in December 2018 . The cold climate is similar to the conditions in Scandinavia or Siberia. Some new gameplay elements such as snow tracks have also been added to the map.

The game zone of the open world game world becomes smaller at certain time intervals and the player suffers damage if he is outside the defined area. In the game world itself there are abandoned houses, streets, forests and villages. At defined points on the map, mostly in houses or covered regions, there are various items of equipment such as weapons, backpacks, helmets or bulletproof vests.

Game principle and game mechanics

The principle is based on the Japanese film and Manga Battle Royale . [7] The player lands with a parachute from an airplane on a remote island. There he has to try to survive as long as possible. pubg trigger The playable character can be freely designed beforehand. A circular boundary becomes smaller at certain time intervals and causes damage to players if they are not yet within the safe area. This will direct players to a random point on the map. Before this, the upcoming downsizing is already shown on a marker on the minimap . [8] The game is on multiplayerlimited.

Alone or as a team of two or four, you fight against up to 100 other players. There are different weapons, vehicles, clothes and other equipment that you can find in the game world. it is also possible to play in the first-person view instead of in the third-person view . [9] The player or team that remains last is the winner. An average round lasts about 30 minutes, but varies greatly between the different skills of the players and the random factor of equipment.[10] After a game, players may receive a. Based on their killings and survival, experience points that they can use for purely visual character improvements. Purely optical items such as clothing can also betradedon the Steam marketplace. [11]

Custom games and mods
With so-called custom game functions, players are able to open matches with their own rules and create their own game modes. One of them is e.g. B. a zombie mode, [12] [13] [14] which was later officially implemented by the developers. Most of the players take on the role of a zombie and have to try to infect the surviving players. The zombies have the advantage of being outnumbered and the survivors have the opportunity to use weapons, equipment and bandage tools. [15]

Early access
Brendan Greene, the lead developer of the game, has already gained experience as a computer game modder. For example, he wrote a Battle Royale modification for the ArmA 2 and ArmA 3 computer games and helped develop the Battle Royale part of H1Z1 , which was later released as a separate version under the title H1Z1: King of Kill . For the project, he partnered with the developer studio Bluehole and moved to Seoul to work on the project on site.

First development work for PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds started in 2016. pubg trigger [8]The closed beta phase started on February 24, 2017. [16] The game was first published on March 23, 2017 as an early access title. It was developed in the Unreal Engine 4 . [17] Shortly after the release of the early access version, the developers announced that they would do more to combat cheats . [18] [19] After three months, over 25,000 cheaters were banned. [20] Since June 6, 2017, it is possible to get exclusive content in the game when you sign up for a Twitch Premium membership. [21] In July 2017, Bluehole joined the social network Facebookteamed up and from then on broadcasts exclusive matches organized and held by Bluehole. [22]

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