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Tesla Roadster (2020)

Presentation of the new Tesla Roadster in November 2017
The Tesla Roadster (2020) is a purely electric  s logo , four-seater, under development sports car from Tesla . [1] This is the planned successor to the 2008 and 2012 built the first Tesla Roadster . A prototype of the new model was first presented in November 2017. [2] serial production and deliveries are planned from 2020 onwards.

As early as 2011, at the end of the series production of the previous model, Tesla intended to go into production with a new version until 2014 – without a Lotus chassis. In 2015, a new roadster  s logo was announced for 2019, which should be able to accelerate faster. [4] [5] [6] In a tweet , company boss Musk finally announced in December 2016 that a second roadster was in the works, but “a few years away”. [7] [8] The Roadster was introduced at the end of Tesla Semi-Events on November 16 2017th [9]


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Pre-orders for the Roadster began in 2017 with a down payment of $ 50,000 each. [10] Later, the pre-order price was reduced to $ 43,000. Tesla owners who participated in the referral program began collecting discounts for buying a roadster based on the number of referrals. Those who achieved 55 confirmed recommendations will receive a 100% discount on a future roadster purchase. [11] [12]

Interior of the Tesla Roadster (prototype, 2019)
The base model is expected to be sold for $ 200,000. The first 1,000 units produced, the Founder’s Series , will be offered at a unit price of $ 250,000. [10]

Construction and s logo
The second-generation Tesla Roadster has a removable glass roof and a 2 + 2 seating group with smaller rear seats. [10] It is powered by three electric motors, one for the front axle and one for each rear wheel. [10] As a result, the vehicle has a four-wheel drive . When cornering, yaw can be influenced by different torques on the rear wheels. Franz von Holzhausen designed the roadster .

View into the open trunk (prototype, 2019)
As special equipment, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced a “ SpaceX package”, which would also include space technology in the vehicle. This should allow greater acceleration on short sections and improve braking and road holding. The rear seats would be replaced by a compressed air tank, which is also used in Falcon 9 rockets, and cold gas engines (“control nozzles”) would be installed around the vehicle . The container would be filled with compressed air by means of a battery-operated pump, which would then flow out via the nozzles as needed and a recoilwould produce in the desired direction. [13]

Performance values
Tesla announced that the vehicle should be equipped with a 200 kWh battery, i.e. twice the capacity compared to the Tesla Model S P100D. This means that the roadster can reach a range of 1,000 km with one load at US highway speeds. [14] The vehicle should accelerate s h to 100 km / in 2.1 and have a top speed of 402 km / h. [15] [16] Originally, an acceleration in 1.9 s to 60 mph (96 km / h) was announced in the basic version, which had already been achieved with the first prototype. With the “SpaceX package”, times of less than 2 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h should still be possible.

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