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flipkart mobile – samsung keypad mobile

The Samsung Group is a conglomerate ( Jaebeol ) from South Korea . In 2014, the Samsung group employed 489,000 people. [3] flagship of the group’s Samsung Electronics , the world’s largest DRAM -, NAND Flash Memory, SSD – Fernsehgeräte-, refrigerator, mobile phone and smartphone manufacturers. [4] [5] [6]

The number three is associated with positive things by many Koreans. Lee Byung-chull , the founder of the group, which was strongly shaped by the Japanese economy and society, chose this name in the 1930s in the hope that the company would shine as bright, high and everlasting as the then powerful Japanese groups Mitsubishi (“three diamonds”) and Mitsui Group (“three sources”).

After the death of the company’s founder in 1987, the third son, Lee Kun-hee , took over the chairmanship of the group. Since he resigned from all posts due to a scandal in 2008, the Samsung Group has been led by the chief executive officers of the individual companies.



Samsung SPC-1000 computer from 1982

Samsung Town headquarters in Seoul
The company was on March 1, 1938 in Daegu of Lee Byung-chul as a food trading business founded . After World War II and the breakaway from Japanese colonial rule , Lee lost his business due to the chaos in the country. He then rebuilt the business in Seoul . But it was destroyed a second time by the Korean War. After the war, Lee rebuilt his business in the destroyed capital of South Korea.

In 1953, Lee founded Cheil Jedang (“Best Sugar”), the first industrial sugar refinery in South Korea. Cheil Jedang later became the largest food manufacturer in South Korea. After Lee Byung-chull’s death, the company was taken over by his eldest son, Lee Maeng-hee. It was separated from the Samsung Group in 1997 and became independent. Cheil Jedang now represents one of the most important business areas of the CJ Group .

In 1954, Lee Byung-chull had a textile factory built, which became the basis for Cheil Industries. The textile and fashion division is now combined in the Samsung C&T Fashion Group. samsung keypad mobile later entered the insurance and construction business. With government support under President Park Chung-hee , Samsung also started shipbuilding.

With its subsidiary Samsung Electronics , founded in 1969, Samsung tackled the manufacture of electrotechnical articles, focusing early on consumer electronics and household appliances. In 1974, Samsung Electronics acquired the almost bankrupt Korea Semiconductor. At that time, Lee Kun-hee recognized the great potential of microelectronics. It was also he who saw the great future of DRAM in the digital age at the beginning of the 1980s and invested heavily in its development and production.

Other branches in which the large group is active are: mechanical engineering , automobiles , insurance , wholesale , real estate and leisure. The then largest private television station, Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), was ceded to the state in the late 1970s under political pressure.

In 1983 Samsung took over the Donghwa department store. It was then renamed Shinsegae . Shinsegae was spun off from the Samsung group in 1991 and is now part of the largest retail group in South Korea. The company is run by Lee Myung-hee, the daughter of Samsung founder Lee Byung-chull and the younger sister of Lee Kun-hee . She is the richest woman in South Korea.

After the Asian crisis in the 1990s, Samsung, like all Jaebeol , had to withdraw from numerous business areas and sold many subsidiaries to strengthen its capital base. At the same time, the focus was on some core areas. Since then, Samsung Electronics has been the most important branch of the conglomerate .

The other branches of the company are less well known in Europe:

Samsung Life Insurance ( Samsung Life Insurance )
Samsung Heavy Industries , one of the largest Korean shipyards
Samsung – Construction and Trade ( Samsung C&T Corporation , builder of the Burj Khalifa and other skyscrapers) [7]
in cooperation with Renault : Renault Samsung Motors
Samsung SDI , one of the largest lithium polymer battery manufacturers
Samsung C&T Fashion Group (with the Bean Pole brand)
Shilla Hotel and Shilla Duty Free
Samsung is one of the first key members of samsung keypad mobile  the FIDO alliance , which has developed the industry standard Universal Second Factor (U2F) for general purpose two-factor authentication .

In the Samsung group, after the heart attack by company boss Lee Kun-hee in May 2014, in the course of the generation change, a restructuring takes place: The arms division Samsung Techwin was sold to Hanwha , [8] several chemical companies went to the Lotte group . [9] [10] Samsung wants to focus more on automotive (Samsung SDI) samsung keypad mobile , fintech [11] ( Samsung Pay ) and pharmaceuticals [12] ( Samsung Biologics ).

Samsung Everland was created with Cheil Industries Inc.merged and then merged with Samsung C&T. Since then, Samsung C&T has managed the Samsung Group as a de facto holding company.

A minority shareholder, Elliot Management Corporation, defended itself and filed a lawsuit against the sale of 5.76% of the shares in KCC. However, the lawsuit was dismissed by the Seoul court. [13] The restructuring is therefore not yet complete. Samsung SDS is next on the agenda.

The attempt to merge Samsung Heavy Industries with Samsung Engineering, which failed in 2014, could become topical again because the shipbuilder Samsung Heavy Industries is suffering a lot due to the enormous drop in orders. [14]

Due to the decline in demand in many sectors abroad, South Korea, which is heavily dependent on exports, is facing some problems. The Samsung Group as the largest private employer in the country is no exception. In the first quarter of 2016, more than 2,800 employees with severance pay left the companies in the group (Samsung SDI, Samsung

At the Extraordinary General Meeting on September 27, 2016, the Vice President of Samsung Electronics, Lee Jae-yong , the only son of Lee Kun-hee, was nominated as an official board member. The chairman’s title remains with Lee Kun-hee.

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