What is Adsense 2020 ?

AdSense is the advertising network of Google using the websites or videos YouTube as support for its ads. For a webmaster to become an Adsense partner and generate advertising revenue for his own account, he must publish content on his own site and include the Adsense code provided by Google.

In contrast to Google AdWords, which buys traffic, Adsense sells traffic. These two programs are complementary and the unit value of a click on an ad is determined on the basis of the traffic supply (Adsense) and the traffic demand (Adwords).

Adsense users can also publish content on their YouTube channel and subscribe to the Adsense program to generate the impression of advertising messages, the benefit of which they will share with Google.

Ads are most often contextual, but several formulas are offered, as well as several types of ads including Google product sponsorships and the search box. Ads are texts, images or videos.

AdSense is not a company but a trademark INPI number 3469536 filed on December 14, 2006by Google Delaware

Adsense for search
As part of a search using the Custom Search Engine Google (in English , Google Custom Search Engine or Google CSE ) results pages include advertisements, under the heading ‘ sponsored links ‘, and chosen based on words -key typed. These ads come from AdWords campaigns and allow the webmaster to generate advertising revenue while providing a personalized search engine to visitors to his site.

Origin of announcements
The ads come from AdWords campaigns . An advertising campaign is made by an account for one or more advertisements. The customer defines a list of keywords or groups of keywords to determine the pages where the ads will appear.

In addition, you can allocate different costs per click per keyword. Advertisers are therefore competing to see their message appear first. The higher the amounts (cost per click allocated to the keyword and maximum budget allocated to the campaign), the more often and in a better position the advertising message will be displayed.


Contextual announcements
Unlike other contextual ad services AdSense is not based on a single word, but on several and seeks to find the common point between them to determine the meaning of the content of a text 3 .

Mediabot will detect the main expressions that are Python , develop , and cross-platform applications , for which it will determine with which fields they are related:

In this example, the common point is belonging to the IT domain , and therefore the analysis will be done in the opposite direction, which will allow AdSense to associate Python here with IT language and therefore to retain announcements related to language. Python programming . Conversely, if the keywords have several points in common, AdSense will not know which subject to select, and it will therefore display ads from a more general subject, which can attract the most Internet users.

Webmasters who provide advertising space to advertisers may receive through Google either an income per thousand page impressions or an income for each click of a site visitor on an ad. The revenue per click depends on the amount that the advertiser is ready to give for this, defined obviously at the time when it delivers the advertisement.

Google Adsense uses JavaScript technology . Consequently, the ads do not appear when the Javascript engine is deactivated on the user’s browser . In addition, there are also systems blocking advertisements , such as browser extensions, specific software or certain browsers incorporating this functionality 4 .

Although this is prohibited by the terms and conditions of Google 5 , robots are used to click on advertisements. These robotic actions represent a significant proportion of all clicks recorded.
Google Ad Manager
Google Ad Manager is an online advertising campaign manager for websites allowing site publishers to manage their various advertising campaigns.

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