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Breaking News is an action thriller from 2003.

wwe hindi news The film was shot in Hong Kong. The producer and director was Johnnie To . In 2009, the action-based thriller Newsmakers by Anders Banke was shot in Russia

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In Hong Kong , a police chase in front of running TV cameras ends in a bloody disaster on the open road. Among other things, it is filmed how a policeman pleads for his life on his knees before the wwe hindi news heavily armed robbers. Inspector Rebecca Fong from the police department’s public relations department tries to limit the image damage by staging spectacular mass media access to gang gang entrenched in a high-rise building. Inspector Cheung, head of an eight-man special unit.

The police, who have been on the heels of the gangsters since the shooting, are also in the skyscraper with their people and are ready to be accessed. But meanwhile, a state of emergency is proclaimed, hundreds of police officers and special forces move in front of the skyscraper, dozens of reporters in tow.

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But the access planned by the police, which is backed by music for the media, does not go as expected, because Inspector Cheung does not take part in the staging of the media and only wants the gangsters who have allied themselves with other gangsters in the high-rise and have taken hostages, overwhelm. Via internetThe gangsters negotiate with Fong from the police, but the gangster boss Yuan realizes that the police units are determined to attempt access.

A short time later, a first police special unit storms the skyscraper that was previously evacuated, but the gangsters around Yuan can surprisingly defeat the special unit. They also film this with a webcamand put it on the Internet, the police are embarrassed again because the video appears immediately on TV. In the ensuing chaos, the gangsters manage to leave the apartment in which they were entrenched, leaving their hostages intact. Now it is the hour of Inspector Cheung and his people.

The storyline around Tom Hagen begins in Afghanistan in 2008 with the description of the failed documentation of a hostage release. Tom Hagen’s chance of a comeback due to the reporting of the fall of Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2011 fails due to a head injury. His supposed last chance is the possible illegal purchase of CDs with inside data about activities of the Israeli domestic secret service Schin Bet .

However, his old editorial team decides that the information is not worth the price asked for. Hagen now claims that the CDs provide evidence of an assassination attempt on Israeli former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon , who only appeared to be in a coma in 2005 due to natural circumstances.

Shortly afterwards, Hagen and his contact man were attacked by masked people and asked about the CDs and his informant. After a shootout, Hagen escapes his tormentors. He manages to get the explosive material out of his hotel room shortly before the Secret Service arrives. He locates Yael Kahn, who can confirm the story of the Sharon attack and is on the run from its masterminds. The attempt to leave the country together fails: they are captured. It is becoming apparent that their hunters are Jewish fundamentalists who are not only trying to cover up the attack on Ariel Sharon, but also want to prevent the impending attack from being thwarted. The group plans to become radio controlled by an Israeli military droneto latch in and fire their missiles at the Al Aksa mosque. Based on a telephone message Tom Hagen sent to an agent of the Schin Bet before he was arrested, the attack can be prevented at the last second.

Tom Hagen and Yael Kahn manage to escape, with Tom Hagen being shot in the stomach. There is a deal between the parties: Hagen and Kahn undertake not to publish the material on the CDs and not to testify against the mastermind behind the two attacks. In return, the Shin Bet should not investigate Yael Kahn’s involvement in the Sharon attack.

The Kahns and Sharon

The story of the twins Yehuda and Benjamin Kahn and their friend Arik Scheinermann begins in 1929 with the immigration of their families to Kfar Malal .

It describes how they first become friends and then develop in different directions. Yehuda becomes an expert in irrigation technology and moves to Jamit with his wife Phoebe and two children . His slim brother Ben, who was crippled after an accident, devotes himself to studying the Torah and becomes a rabbi. Arik becomes a soldier and is honored for his services to the Palestinian war . He rises to the rank of general. Only at this point is his identity revealed to the reader as Ariel Sharon.

When Ariel Sharon evacuated Jamit in 1982 and Jehuda’s son Uri committed suicide after traumatic experiences in the 1982 Lebanon War , there was a break between Jehuda and Sharon, but both remained in contact without Phoebe’s knowledge. The Kahns move with their orphaned granddaughter Yael to the Elei Sinai settlement in the Gaza Strip. Benjamin Kahn is now an important head of the national religious settler movement in Israel.

In 2005 Sharon also cleared the Gaza Strip , making Yehuda and Phoebe homeless again. He promises to replace them, but Yehuda dies of a heart attack before he can meet Sharon. At the end of 2005, Sharon had a stroke and was due to have an operation. Yael had become his doctor and it turned out that she had given the deadly medication to Sharon under the promises and threats of an unknown person.

Cox and Perlman follow Hagen to Nablus , where the mole is exposed. She receives important information from Hagen about the planned attack on the Temple Mount and can, at the last second, clear the control container for the drone hidden in the forest of the Tel Tzafit National Park, causing her to be wounded.

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